Closing out the holiday weekend.

A few completely random posts for your reading pleasure.

When game reviews mattered
Talking about a blast from the past. I do not remember exactly how I came across this site/post, but those were the days.

Wine of the month
Poured a bottle of Juan Gil 2005 (Spanish Jumilla red wine) last night with some delicious ribeye steaks that I had to cook on the Jenn-Air (thanks to the rainy weather). Steaks were delicious, and the Juan Gil was to die for. Is there a better bottle of moderately price wine under $15?

Georgia GMT info …
On a website I frequently visit, I noticed the time was an hour off, so I went to set my profile and noticed it was GMT-5. A lot of sites have profiles that account for Daylight Savings and Standard Time, but not this one. I did a quick google search to make sure my profile should be at GMT-4; it was obvious that it should be GMT-4, but call me Thomas. At any rate, I came across this site. Not sure why it amused me so much.

“Georgia was one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution. Georgia was the last of the thirteen colonies to be established as a colony. It became the fourth state after ratifying the United States Constitution on January 2, 1788.”

Sexting 101
Not sure if this should be amusing, educational, or something else, but Fox 5 TV in ATL posted an article titled “Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know” – things go downhill from there.

Good NFL read
I came across this site a while back when I was researching the NFL Compensatory Pick process, and how picks were awarded. Specifically, if Atlanta was going to get a hill of beans for any of their departed free agents.

At any rate, when the site is updated, it is worth a read.

Be brave. Only four working days until the weekend!


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