Beeman R1 does the needful.

More first impressions. I was surprised by the weight of the R1. My R7 with a Leapers 6×32 Bug Buster 2 scope is less than 7 pounds, and is very easy to cock. I can shoot it all day with no worries. My first session with the R1 made me realize that things are going to be different with this one. The R1 is listed at 8.8 pounds, while its Bushnell Elite 3200 7-21×40 Mil-Dot Scope is listed at 1.25 pounds.

As you can imagine, after shooting the R7 for the last 10 months, I was not prepared for the weight of the R1. It is one thing to read that it is heavy, but it is another thing to experience it first hand. It is not going to be a problem; just a learning adjustment for me. Cocking the R1 was also more difficult than the R7, but this part was in line with my expectations. It is smooth and straight forward, but I could see how some shooters would have a hard time managing the R1.

If you order a gun case (I ordered the $75 Doskocil Deluxe Rifle Case) Straight Shooters will mount and sight your scope for no additional charge. This is a pretty good deal. They also removed the R1 sights, and installed the Beeman Universal muzzlebrake and the Beeman rear sight cover plate. While the muzzlebrake is a little loose, I am happy with the out of the box experience.

R1 Paper Punching

No fliers; bottom left one is just arm fatigue

R1 Plinking

Good thing the beer is gone.

R1 Beer Can Plinking

Is .22 more fun than .177?

R1 More Beer Can Plinking

What a great shooter!

The R1 looks and feels like the real deal – no one will mistake this beauty for a bb gun. Of course that could present some other issues, so discretion is the better part of valor with backyard shooting.

Next up, Mr. Squirrel meets the R1. Care to guess what happens next?


4 thoughts on “Beeman R1 does the needful.”

  1. If someone brought cans of Coors light and Miller High Life to my residence, they would be shot up instead of being drunk up-awful stuff that should not be associated with the term beer!

  2. LOL – I did not say it was great beer, but it is fun to shoot the empty cans. It is good stuff for summertime and the grill. My favorite is Sweetwater 420; ah, the nectar of the gods!

  3. I know what you mean about shooting up the cans, I save all my pellet tins for that purpose. In regards to your favorite beer, I never ceased to be amazed at some of the good beer in this country that is a “bit off the beaten path.” Talking about beer has me fancying one, so off I go!

  4. I think Sweetwater is regional – based out of Atlanta. The 420 is some good stuff, followed by Georgia Brown, which is also delicious!

    What is your favorite? Anything off the beaten path?

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