Where the hell are all the cars?

Calling All CarsIt’s kind of hard to post Calling All Cars multiplayer impressions when no one is online to play the game. I checked the lobby multiple times last night from 7PM to around 1AM and only once did I find another game brewing. So I got in one five minute game, which is not enough for me to get a great feel for online play.

As most of you know, I am not really a huge online fan, but this game sees like it could be a pretty good experience. A first glance Calling All Cars has plenty of variety (multiple vehicles, multiple weapons, multiple levels, and multiple ways to score). Maybe that is not really the case? Easy to cheese and cheat? I am not sure why no one was around to play the game. Maybe the game is just old news and has run its course.

In my one brief online game, there was a lot of mayhem trying to pickup and carry a criminal to jail. Do you go for the 1 pt, 2 pt, or 3 pt option? If someone is in hot pursuit as you are heading towards the jail, you have to decide quickly. More than once I went for the 2 pt ramp, but was out of turbo boost (or whatever this game calls it) and did not score.

If no one is online this weekend, I will know why Calling All Cars was given away free in Qore Episode 2 to Qore subscribers.


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