PS3 Poker Night

As part of the recent PlayStation Store Summer 08 Sale, I picked up High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition for $4.99.

High Stakes on the Vegas Strip

Have to know when to fold ’em …

I am not a big time poker player; or a small time player for that matter. I do not have a poker night out with the boys, watch the tournaments on TV, understand what the flop, turn, and river stand for, or play in some illicit offshore debauchery. But I really enjoy High Stakes. What a gem.

The game has several free ad-ons available, including some AV support options to allow players to see (and hear) each other in all their unassuming glory. I do not have a headset or Eye Toy (or similar camera), and I am not sure that I want to experience others coming into my living room. If I want that sort of experience … well, let’s just say we have some younger readers here so I am not going to digress too far.

I guess Texas Hold ‘Em does not need a lot of explanation, and you are not going to get it from me. I have never played the game until I downloaded High Stakes. I quickly played a few offline rounds, before heading online to see what sort of damage I could do against real life players. The game (High Stakes and Texas Hold ‘Em) is fun, addicting, and very rewarding. I cannot describe how excited I was the first time I had to go “all in” pulled off the winning hand. Good stuff!

If you are a Texas Hold ‘Em fan, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition is a tremendous value for $4.99. See you in the casino!


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