Now Drinking …

Back by popular demand (at least the demand for me to drink beer), another edition of “now drinking” – because you know you want another cold one.
Guinness Draught in the 14.9 oz can; best served extra cold. Everyone knows this is the original great stout, perfect for a cold winter day. And does it get any freaking colder than it has been lately? A former boss (way back when in the early 90’s) always likened the “black stuff” to mother’s milk. I would not go that far, but Guinness is damn good.
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale is a personal favorite. I have written about it before, but man is it good. Some colleagues from the UK liken this one to a proper beer (meaning a bitter or ale). I suppose that is worth something.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale
Mmmm … delicious Terrapin

Right now I am freezing my ass off cooking some ribs on the grill, writing this entry, and of course sipping on a cole one. The honors goes to Samuel Adams Winter Lager. This “seasonal” specialty beer is a nice robust wheat lager. Best described as yummy for the tummy. Not bad for the price at $1.02/per beer ($12.29 for a 12 pack).

Until next time, a lift up a cold one and thank your lucky stars that beer is a wholesome liquid diet.


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