PS3 PSP Remote Play Redux

Last night I started tackling Remote Play again. My previous attempts were not very successful, and ended with some serious fits of frustrations.  Yes, color me bitter.  I wrote off Remote Play for 5-6 months, but I figured with the new PSP 4.01 and PS3 2.41 firmware updates, maybe things would end differently.  Remote Play is a major feature that Sony should push very hard because it offers so many advantages.  There are a ton of original PlayStation games out there just waiting to receive some Remote Play love.

Remote Play Screenshot

Get your remote play on …

I went to the PS3 Settings menu and the selected the Remote Play Settings option. My PSP was still registered under the Register Device setting, so next up was the Remote Start section.

One of the things that immediately jumped out was the instructional text:

“Depending on the type of router, the PS3™ system may be started unintentionally if remote start is enabled. If a remote play connection is not established within a certain amount of time after the PS3™ system is started, the system will turn off automatically. To prevent this from happening, remote start via the Internet may be disabled automatically.”

I do not remember seeing text the last time I attempted to get Remote Play to work correctly, but the text perfectly describes the problems I encountered. Remote play works great, but it’s the whole connecting to the system ad hoc, remotely over the internet, that pretty much sucks.

This time things look much better. After putting the PS3 in Remote Play (Remote Start) mode, I turned off the PSP system. I then turned on the PSP and selected Remote Play, using the internet option. Within about 30-45 seconds I was viewing the PS3 XMB.

I did a few tests – I played PixelJunk Monsters, I went to the PlayStation Store, I streamed a few videos, and I surfed the internet via the PS3 browser. I made it this far in the past, so next up was the real test. I used my PSP to quit Remote Play, selecting the option to Quit and Turn Off the PS3 System.

I watched TV for a little while, and waited to see if the system would turn back on automagically, which would mean everything was for naught. The system stayed off.  After a while I decided to get in a quick play session or two before calling it a night. After a couple of GT5 races and a few rounds of Super Stardust HD, I turned off the PS3 and went to bed. At this point I was keeping my fingers crossed that things would work correctly in the morning.

Bright and early I fired up my PS3, and selected Remote Play. Success! I connected to the PS3 without any issues. Happy dance time!  It is very cool to stream content from my laptop to my PSP via my PS3.  In theory, I can do this from anywhere in the world.  Are you kidding me?  If Sony can get Remote Play working flawlessly for the masses, Sony should market the shit out of this feature.

The final test will come later today. I need to see if I can connect the PSP to another wireless network and connect. If I can, I will be a happy camper.  Baited breath.


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