PS3 PSP Remote Play Black Magic

Where to begin?  Recently Sony updated PS3 to PSP Remote Play capabilities to allow for remotely turning on the PS3 with a PSP and to allow playing Original PlayStation (PSX) game disks.  This sounds great.  If only I could get it to work.

Remote Play mode in itself works great, if I put the PS3 in Remote Play mode.  I can then connect my PSP to the PS3, view videos, play music (in theory, but all my iTunes music does not work), browse the internet, go to the PlayStation Store, and of course play original PlayStation games.  For testing purposes, I tired remote play with Road Rash and with Moto Racer World Tour.  Needless to say, it is very cool making use of my long forgotten PSX games.

As far as I can tell, Remote Play also works from within a closed network (i.e. within my house), but not over the internet.  The upside here is that I can play PSX games on my PSP within my house.  Nice feature, but not really what I want.  I would like to put a game in my PS3, and play it on demand outside of my house.  This would be extremely cool for my next trip to Costa Rica or the UK, or even on a visit to my in-laws house.

Now for the hard part.  I cannot get Remote Play to work correctly if I want to control turning on my PS3 and starting Remote Play from the internet.  If you do a few simple Google searches you will find that I am not the only one with the problem.  There is so much misinformation about this feature, and how to get it working correctly, that it comes across as black magic.  One commonality between all the issues and mine is that I have a Linksys WRT54GS router.  I upgraded to the latest firmware, but that did not solve the problem.

The problem if fairly simple, so it would seem.  Once I register my PSP, setup my PS3 for Remote Play (enabling the option by allowing internet startup of the PS3), and turn off the PS3 the problems begin.  My PS3 will randomly turn on and go into Remote Play mode.  When I use the term randomly, I mean that I did not invoke my PSP to start Remote Play, and I did not press any PS3 controller (or Blu-ray remote) buttons.  The PS3 just fires up and eventually shuts off.  The turning off part is normal behavior according to the PS3 manual.  The problem is that once this behavior happens, Remote Play startup no longer works correctly.

I have tried everything under the sun.  I assigned the PS3 a static ip, within the DNS range and outside of the range.  I have put the PS3 in its own DMZ.  I have made sure UPnP is enabled, and setup port forwarding for 9293.  The list goes on and on, but to no avail.

At one point yesterday I thought I had everything working (static ip within DNS range, and PS3 DMZ).  The system did not randomly turn on, so I was able to go into Remote Play mode using the Internet option (from my house, which is not a good test since technically that is almost the same a private network) and then turn off the system.  Very nice, however, later in the day while I was running errands, I attempted to start Remote Play mode from two different internet hot spots, only to have the connection to the PS3 timeout.  Once I returned home, I attempted to start Remote Play, but could not get it started with the internet connection option.

I am pretty much at the point of throwing in the towel, but not ready to give up yet.  If this is a router issue, I am not prepared to purchase another router when everything else works fine.  My PS3 has no issues connecting the internet, and while PSN downloads are slow, all other activity associated with my router works fine.  Wii?  Check.  Personal laptop?  Check.  Work laptop?  Check.  PSP?  Check.  Remote Play via internet?  Black magic.


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  1. I’m right there with you man.
    I just started playing with Remote Play this weekend. I wanted to know if there was a way for me to see my friends list without turning on the TV (kinda like logging into and seeing who on your friends list is online on the Xbox 360.) Sure enough, i got RP working just like you (private works, LAN works, Internet from within my network works, but OVER the internet does not.)
    I’m looking and not giving up just like you because it was really nice to be watching TV and fire up the PSP just to see if anyone I know is online on their PS3 at that moment

  2. Have you found a fix for the remote play problem of turning on/off yet? I’m running into the same problem right now. Let me know, thanks.

  3. Josh – I have not, but to be honest, I have not spent any more time trying to figure it out. I figured I would wait until the next round of PSP and PS3 firmware updates before burning any more time trying to get this feature working correctly. It would be cool if it did work right, but alas, I have a feeling that there is no easy answer for this one.

  4. im trying to get my psp to work and its working but what will happen to my ps3 will it die or anything because of this remote play crap?

  5. I have been experiencing exactly the same problems as everyone else here.. and like everyone else here no matter how long you spend scrolling the Internet there seems to be no solution.. over the last few days, however, i have been going to and from work trying new different things out. and today i finally did it!! (well sort of :( ) at the moment my router is set up exactly like jcalvert.. “Static ip: DMZ : UPnP enabled, and port forwarding for 9293.”(one more thing i had read about during my scrolling was to take your wireless signal channel off auto and set it to 10.. not why but it seems to have worked) but before I left the house I left the playstation on and in remote play mode… and finally a connection!! i can see my ps3 screen on my psp when we are about 6 miles apart.. but there is one BIG downside tho… i cannot control whats on the screen at all.. up, down, left, X, Triangle.. nothing except when i push the ps button..(Select + Home for my psp’s butting config) the no entry sign appears on the top right of the screen.. weird right… as i say i have just got it this far today.. and am still looking into it.. my assumption is that there is still something weird going on with the router… if you could try doing that with your ps3 and see if it works we could rule out that its an individual routers problem.. p.s. if you receive the (80010068) error when connecting, keep trying. thanks guys, hope it works!! >:)

  6. I did have a bit of trouble setting up my psp to remote play over the internet. I have the ps-3000 and it works fine now i can play the psone games via internet on my psp. I tried all the stuff mentioned here, however I noticed that under the remote play setup you have to set remote play to turn on ps3, but before you start pressing x check each new screen. One of them has a box that you can select that asks if you want to allow turn on of ps3 via internet. this is the only way if you leave leave your ps3 on standby mode.

  7. Ok, so I finally got Remote Play working while outside of my home/home network. Yep, you heard correctly. But what a frustrating pain in the @$$ it was… I mean, when you first hear of the possibility of remotely accessing your PS3, you say, “What a cool feature!” But it’s not that cool if you can’t get the damn thing to work. So when I finally did, I screamed like a little girl. I’m still pretty giddy with delight. And what a cool feature it is.

    So hear’s how I did it, for any poor soul still suffering out there. And who know’s if it will work with your router or not (mine is a Westell 527W). 1. Enable “Remote Logging” on you Router. 2. Enable “UPnP” on your Router 3. Enable “Static NAT” on your Router to create a static IP Address for your PS3. This will ask you where you want to send “all unsolicited remote traffic,” or something to that effect (I’m not in front of my home computer right now, so can’t access my Router to get the exact language, but your basically telling your Router to send outside traffic directly through to your PS3 (You can find your PS3’s IP Address under System Settings) otherwise it may be sending it to your computer, laptop, etc. 4. Make sure “Remotely turn on the PS3 via the internet” is checked under Remote Play Settings. And that’s all I did, folks. ‘Works like a charm; been fiddling with it all day…no problems, not one. Didn’t do anything with port 9293 or whatever it is. Didn’t set up “folding at home.” Don’t have to put my PS3 into “Remote Play Standby” and leave it on (What a world of bullsh*t that would be…kind of defeats the purpose of remotely turning on your PS3).

    Anyway, the best of luck to all!


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