Sunday Sports Quickie.

Getting ready to go to the first tailgate of the year to watch the Falcons play host to the Dolphins, so this is going to be extremely quick.

USC takes down Ohio St again and again and again. I am glad that is over with after week two. I can think of only a few things more disgusting that having to listening to another round of Ohio St BCS Championship game talk. The only problem is that they played a good, close game, so if there is a battle of one loss teams, the Buckeyes may still show up in the mix.

The Race for the Chase was exciting stuff. I do not care much for Kyle Bush, so glad to see him have to eat some humble pie.

My SEC Week 2 predictions were a wreck. Glad I do not bet for a living because I would be broke.

Georgia escaped. No other way to look at it.

Go Falcons!


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