Friday night PS3 potpourri.

Naruto StormThe new Trophy system (introduced in firmware 2.41) has me thinking about earning some of the good living in my other games. It looks like Unchartered: Drake’s Fortune will get some trophies via a patch. [Sources: here and here.]

Unchartered is a really cool game, but I ended up getting it around the same time I was distracted with some other game (i.e. MLB), so I never got around to finishing it.  In fact, I think I only made it about 25% of the way through the game before chasing a new shiny.  That may work out good for me because I can start over again without little fuss once the new trophy patch is uploaded.

What’s the latest with Home? This guy scares the crap out of me with his doom and gloom, cluttered prediction of the upcoming virtual environment.

The simplicity of PSN is what draws me to the service. There is very little clutter and few distractions on the way to downloading whatever I desire. Home isn’t just an endeavor to be the one place where PS3 gamers can finally collide. It will be also utilized as a marketing tool, and heavily so. Just think of it this way. You create your avatar, complete with a pair of Nikes and an Old Navy Tee, and then traverse to your apartment furnished for free by Home Depot, with the option to buy more furniture from Ikea.”

I guess “scare” is not the right word, but the doom and gloom stuff is probably in order. Between Home and Qore, we should be pretty well covered by the Sony marketing folks.

In other news Qore episode 2 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is still exclusive to Qore. I am shocked it was not part of the latest PlayStation Store update. Over/under is the Qore episode 3 release.  Much like the graphics, the boxart looks pretty.  I doubt I will pick it up, but it gives me something to fuss about if Naruto becomes un-exclusive.  Maybe I will give the demo a go this weekend; have to get my money’s worth from the Qore subscription.

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