Atlanta still in World Cup running

Atlanta, GA is still in the running as a host city for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup (assuming U.S. wins the bid).

“It’s interesting to contemplate that Atlanta could be one of the few cities to host an Olympics and a World Cup,” Atlanta Sports Council President Gary Stokan said. He led the committee to secure Atlanta’s place among the finalists. “It shows how Atlanta has become a player on the world sport’s scene because of it’s infrastructure and airport accessibility.”

2018 seems like a long way away, but I am keeping my fingers crossed, regardless of Atlanta’s inclusion, that the U.S. secures one of these bids.


2 thoughts on “Atlanta still in World Cup running”

  1. I haven’t followed the WC bids that closely. In the linked AJC article, it says England is favored for 2018 and US for 2022.

    Holy cow that’s a long ways off.

    I’m curious if WC games will be affordable to attend. On a whim, I checked lodgings in Vancouver and they were ridiculous, a lot of places around a thousand a night.

    If WC games are that expensive, it can’t have that many people traveling to see those games.

    Atlanta would be a good choice for proximity to European fans and to a lesser extent, South American fans because ATL is a hub for flights to SA.

    Recently got into House Hunters shows on HGTV. They showed a couple looking at homes in Brookhaven. Amazing how much more house you can buy down there, even though Atlanta has seen a lot of migration from other parts of the country.

  2. I know – my first thoughts were good grief, 2018 seems a long way away. One of the nice things about being 90 mins away from ATL, is that assuming I could afford a ticket, I would not have to stay over night. Of course I am putting the cart before the horse … we have to get to 2018 first and ATL actually has to be one of the host cities.

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