Beeman R7 Back in Action

After a long stretch of not getting any time to shoot, last Sunday (and hopefully today) I was able to get out the R7 for some plinking action. This is an incredible gun – light weight, easy to shoot, very quiet, and extremely accurate. I cannot imagine a more perfect backyard gun.

Let’s roll back a few weeks. In early January I placed an order with Straight Shooters to pick up Beeman’s R7 Rear Sight Plate and Universal Muzzlebrake (I also got some filler screws for good measure). The gun looks rather silly with a Leapers 6×32 Bug Buster 2 scope and front and rear sights. I removed the front sight, and put on the Universal Muzzlebrake; much better looking. I still had the rear sight on the R7 because Beeman recommends the use of Loctite when screwing in the Rear Sight Plate. I figured I would leave well enough alone, and placed an order with Amazon – Henkel Loctite 6-ml Threadlocker 242 #01-24200 $7.90.

Much to my dismay, my perfectly accurate R7 now shot way off center. Something to do with barrel harmonics. Good stuff, but this gem of a gun was easy enough to get back on target in short order.

A couple of weeks ago I removed the rear sight, installed the Rear Sight Plate, and took her (I guess the R7 needs a name) shooting. Perfect. No issues with harmonics. Just plain old fashion plinking goodness. My typical shots are at around 18 yards. From that distance I can easily hit the gold medal on a Miller Lite can. When squirrel season opens again, the varmints better say the hell out of my yard because I think I can easily make head shots. Yes, the R7 is a lovely backyard shooter.


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