PSPgo decision time.

I think it is almost time to make a decision on the PSPgo. I know I have said that several times before, and the fact that I still have not preordered one probably gets to the heart of the matter. I was reading IGN’s PSPgo Guide earlier this morning and the opening paragraph jumped out at me straight away.

It’s worth noting that the PSPgo is not intended to outright replace the current PSP-3000, but will instead be marketed as the “premium” version of the PSP.

I think that is one of the problems I have with an “upgrade.” Sure, I could spend $250, but I doubt I would get much on eBay for my original PSP. I would also have to dump my 10 or so games on eBay, which would come nowhere near enough to match the cost of “upgrading” to digital replacements. Not to mention the fact that some of the games I would want to purchase may not even be available in digital format.

The nail in the coffin may be that there is no “cost of recovery” path available for digital downloads. In other words, no eBay selling for unwanted games. Of course that music to Sony’s (and their third party publishers) ears.

I am still talking myself out of it …


2 thoughts on “PSPgo decision time.”

  1. Maybe Sony is offering retailers bigger margins as consolation for the fact that they won’t be selling games for it and that’s why it’s priced so high.

    With GTMobile getting poor reviews, what’s the compelling content?

    If Sony goes and puts out a PSP2 soon, they’re going to alienate a lot of customers, kind of like how Sega did with 32X and then Saturn, then Dreamcast.

    As it is, it’s odd that Sony keeps turning out new PSP revisions every year.

    If people crack the ROM and load pirated games on the PSPGo, that would be the last coffin on the PSP. I would think Sony would prefer to go to PSP2 with the same kind of security in the processor as the PS3.

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