QB Vision Control

So far, I’m pretty impressed with Madden on the field. This is the first time I’ve played it in a couple of years, but what I see I like. A very nice addition is the QB vision control. Each QB has a field of vision that is highlighted on the field after the ball is snapped. Passes thrown within the field of vision have a higher probability of success.

Peyton Manning has a huge field of vision while other lesser QBs have narrower “cones.” The complication is that during pass plays, you’ll have to lock onto receivers or cycle through them using your field of vision to complete passes. They can still be thrown outside the cone, but those passes have a lower complete rate.

I never thought I’d say this about Madden, but it’s very realistic.

The game has lost its arcadey feel for the most part. Teams can execute running games and it’s a viable alternative to passing offenses. Defenses are defending the pass. Sacks are occuring with some frequency. I actually saw a couple of coverage sacks, something I never was able to do in previous Madden iterations.

These observations are only based on four games to date, but I am not complaining at this point.


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  1. This weekend I finally had time to take the game out of the package. So far so pleased. I like the new cone, and there are so many pre-read options that I doubt I will ever master them all. My only real complaint at this point is the punt return coverage – where is it anyway?

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