Falcons Free Agent Moves (Day One – sitting on the sidelines)

Atlanta’s biggest splash in day one of free agency was resigning Chris Redman to a two year deal. I think this is good news. Not that Chris is the end-all-be-all QB for the Falcons, but Redman could be a decent – serviceable – QB, allowing the Falcons to pursue a QB in the later rounds of this year’s draft. I do not think the Falcons should bust their 2008 draft by taking a QB with the number three pick.

What does this mean for Joey Harrington? I am surprised that the Falcons have not already cut Joey, but I assume it has something to do with waiting unit the right time for salary cap reduction. I am not sure what will happen with D.J. Shockley. I hope Shockley has a chance to move into the backup slot (assuming he is healthy this year).

So while the Falcons sat tight on day one of free agency, big news may be coming. According to ajc.com, the Falcons are hot and heavy after Michael Turner (San Diego):

That the Falcons are trying to sign Turner (228 carries, 1,257 yards, 6 TDs in his career) points to the expected release of Warrick Dunn, the team’s main ball carrier and goodwill ambassador for the past six seasons. If a deal is completed, Dunn likely will be cut immediately to clear nearly $3 million in cap space and to allow him to catch on with another team.

This would be a great move. Dunn has done a great job for the Falcons, and seems to be a terrific guy off the field – an all around good guy. The problem is that Dunn is getting old, and is not worth $3 million per year.

Hopefully Falcons fans will have something to cheer about before the weekend is over. Lord knows suffering Falcons fans need some good news.


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