Atlanta Falcons get Third Pick in 2008 Draft

Last Friday the Falcons won some convoluted coin toss with the Chiefs and Raiders, in turn winning the prize to select third overall in the draft.

So what does this mean? Atlanta’s hopes and dreams of rebuilding are somewhat depend on what the Dolphins and Rams do with the first two picks. Jake Long (OT Michigan) has to be my pick. There is really no point in burning a first round selection on a QB such as Matt Ryan (Boston College) because the Falcons have so many other holes to fill.

For a while I was on the Darren McFadden (RB Arkansas) bandwagon, but I keep reading more and more that this guy’s stock is falling.

“Mike Mayock and Todd McShay (or Todd McFraud, as Matt McGuire has dubbed him), have expressed their disdain for McFadden. Mayock went as far to say that he wouldn’t touch McFadden with a top-20 selection. I respect Mayock’s opinions, but the dude needs to lay off the crack pipe on this one. McFadden is the top runner in this class. Unfortunately, the statements Mayock and McShay have made over the past few days may drop his stock just a bit.”

Long term durability may be an issue; I have also heard some pundits say that McFadden is not very elusive and seeks to make contact. I guess this is how rumors get started. Much like taking a QB, a RB may not help much if there is no offensive line to run behind.

Chris Long (DE Virginia) and Glenn Dorsey (DT LSU) also seem to be top picks in most mock drafts. I have no problems going with a stud defensive lineman because a solid defense can take some pressure off of what is likely to be a shaky offense.

There are also plenty of rumors circulating that DeAngelo Hall is being shopped. This is great news if the Falcons can parlay Hall into another first round pick. Or maybe multiple picks; say a second and fourth pick.

It is nice to have options, and the Falcons have nine picks including two second round selections. I would love to see the Falcons go with Long in the first round and a QB in the second. The other second could fill many gaps – running back, defensive line – they need help all over the board. If the Falcons can hang onto their picks and pull in another first round selection for Hall, their rebuilding process will be starting off on solid footing.


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