Deal of the day at Best Buy

Today’s Sunday ad section for Best Buy has an amazingly good deal if you are in the market for an HDTV and PS3 (or Blu-ray player). For $1899.99 you get:

  • 40″ Sony Bravia 1080p HDTV (KDL-40V3000; newer version of my great Bravia KDL-40V2500)
  • Uncharted or Rachet & Clank
  • Super Bad or Surf’s Up (Blu-ray versions of course)
  • PS3 40GB
  • Geek Squad Installation (not how useful this really is to most folks)

That is one heck of a deal. Great strategy by Sony. Sell some TVs and increase the PS3 user base. License royalties roll in for all the new Blu-ray movie purchases.

Regardless of Sony’s (and Best Buy’s) motives, this is a great deal.  Sorry … guess I already said that a few times.


2 thoughts on “Deal of the day at Best Buy”

  1. Saw that ad.

    Was thinking about a 40-inch Bravia but hadn’t really priced them.

    Was hoping the XBR, which has 120 Mhz Motion Flow, which some people claim is better for games, would be discounted.

    Sony usually comes out with new models in July/August.

    Would be enticed if it was under $1500 for the XBR TV only…

  2. I did a ton of research before getting my Bravia, and while the XBR models may be a nice upgrade, there are no issues at all with gaming with the “standard” Bravia versions.

    I told my wife this morning that at that price, I had to get another TV and PS3 for the bedroom. That did not work, but it is still a great deal.

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