Ming Fu

My kids have been asking (no, begging is a better word) for a dog for a while now. Tonya and I promised them that we would get them a dog once we moved into the new house (since the yard was fenced in). No doubt you can see where this is going …

Today we picked up a six-weeks old male Shih Tzu; all black with some white markings around his chin, on his front feet (like socks), around his chest, and a few white hairs on his head. I lost the name battle. I wanted to call him Ming Fu (sounds like a good, solid, scrappy name to me), but alas his name is Remus. I told the kids that Remus was his name, but his secret Shih Tzu name was Ming Fu. He cost enough duckets that I can call him pretty much anything I darn well please!

More to come on the adventures of Ming Fu.


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