Will the Falcons trade down?

ajc.com is speculating that the Falcons may trade down. At least GM Dimitroff is trying to hold everything close to see what he may be able to get in return.

This team suddenly is in the best of situations. If Dimitroff acquires a first-round pick for Hall as expected, the Falcons will have four selections in the first two rounds, pending other deals. With their first pick, there is a pretty good chance they will be staring at defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, running back Darren McFadden or both. (Forget quarterback Matt Ryan. Remember where Dimitroff came from: New England, which took a future Hall of Fame QB with the 199th pick.)

Dimitroff also knows there are advantages to trading down to accumulate more picks. “If you look at my past in New England, I’m preconditioned to certain things, and I realize that trading down for added commodities is an effective way to build a roster,” he said. “If there’s not a player there at three we really like, I would definitely consider it.”

As I said in my post earlier today, I agree that the Falcons should pass on Ryan or any other QB with the number three pick. If there is a great QB for the taking with their second pick (regardless of the round the selection occurs) then taking a QB there may make sense. I think the Falcons should concentrate on everything but QB this year. It is not like they are going to be good this year, so why bother? With two picks in the second round, and hopefully more to come with a trade of Hall, the Falcons should be able to fill some gaps and get a QB of the future. The extra second round pick is almost like a freebie. Of course the book is still out on how smart a move it was to land that extra second round pick.

A bright future for the Falcons? For the first time in a while, that seems possible.


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