Smoltz vs. Schilling

I love The Hardball Times (the site as well as the yearly annuals). If you are a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to make the site part of your daily surfing.

John Brattain recently wrote an interesting article titled Whom would You Choose? where Mr. Brattain debates “Suppose you had a Hall of Fame ballot with one spot left and you had to choose between Schilling and Smoltz: Whom would you choose?”

Before I started this column, I would’ve voted for Curt Schilling. My mind is changed. If I have one vote to cast between the two at this point, I vote for John Smoltz.

It is a fascinating article, but there are a couple of decent follow-ups.

The first is via a blog (The Pastime) where the author makes a compelling case for Schilling.

The second is a subsequent article by Mr. Brattain titled “You Said It” where Mr. Brattain quotes (and answers) a serious of well-written emails to his first article, mostly in support of Schilling.

All three articles are a great way to start your work week. BTW, I am biased towards Smoltz. I think being a top closer adds to his legacy, and in no way detracts from John Smoltz’s Hall of Fame credentials.


2 thoughts on “Smoltz vs. Schilling”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Just for the record, I think both Smoltz and Schilling are Hall-of-Famers. Smoltz’s stint as a closer doesn’t detract from that, but since the question only allowed one or the other, it hurt Smoltz’s comparisons against Schilling.

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