PureSim 2005 Gold Edition

PureSim, now a Matrix Games franchise, will be available in a 2005 “Gold” edition next week. There are a couple of interesting new features, including what looks to be a very comprehensive multiplayer mode. The only problem with PureSim is that there still isn’t a comprehensive minor league system included in the game. So from the start, it is behind Out of the Park Baseball even if it really does (as claimed by Shaun Sullivan) have the best multplayer system on the planet.

I can honestly say as an OOTP Commissioner that any multplayer mode that makes my life easier, I am going to check out. PureSim needs to evolve the minor league system. Then and only then will PureSim compete for OOTP multiplayer market share.


2 thoughts on “PureSim 2005 Gold Edition”

  1. What is the problem with layering-in a minor league system? Is it a priority thing, is it that Shaun has some great design for a minors engine (the great being the enemy of the good in this case)?

  2. I honestly don’t know. I don’t think it is a big priority. Plus, there may even be some folks that don’t care about that extra level of management. Of course, most OOTP players love that extra level of management.

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