OOTPB 2007 Preview, Well Maybe Not

The good folks at Sports Interactive sent out preview builds to online commissioners and others to take a look at their latest and greatest (we hope) work, Out of the Park Baseball 2007. This is a five-day limited build intended to let everyone see how much progress the mighty OOTPB development team made since the abomination known as OOTPB 2006 was released to the world.

Hopefully I will get the thing running before my five days run out.

I told the game to install to my E:\ partition where my program files are. This seemed to confuse it in a number of ways. Since I only really care how OOTPB 2007 works with my online league, I immediately tried to import a copy of my current OOTPB 2006 league file. I use the word “try” because I have to use the word “fail” to describe the process so far.

Why can’t we get a normal Windows Explorer interface when we look for files on our hard drives in OOTPB? And why can’t I select the correct directory where my online league file resides in OOTPB 2007? OOTPB 2007 installed a bunch of stuff on my C:\ partition. Don’t know why – because I told the game to install on E:\. So when I go to try and import my league file, the game defaults to something under My Documents. I hit the explore button, go to the weird version of Windows Explorer that doesn’t let me drop down directories, but I click away until I find the correct folder under my OOTPB folders. I find my world.dat file, click on it, and…nothing. The sad part is that the “explore” button doesn’t mean that it will change the directory that it is looking in for the league file to import. It sort of teases by letting you know it knows where the correct directory is, but it’s not changing its My Documents ways.

Did anybody with multiple hard drives and partitions try and import a league file during beta testing? Since I am not copying my league file onto my operating system partition, it may be a while before I have something to say about OOTPB 2007.

Because I only care how it runs my online league…


7 thoughts on “OOTPB 2007 Preview, Well Maybe Not”

  1. ouch …

    No doubt this is user error, right? I mean, SI would not send you a crap beta/test copy of the game knowing that you would actually share your experiences, be they good or bad.

  2. We’ll see :-). I’ll quickly post my retraction if I am a dunce, but right now I cannot import our online league without doing some file moving that I don’t want to do.

  3. We’ll get this looked at today.

    If it is a game issue, I’ll reissue a code.

    As the mail did say, this is preview code and it’s not final code – so of course there may be issues.

  4. The game does install stuff on your C:\ drive because of Vista. God bless Microsoft 😉 Anyway, this is pretty common nowadays and not a game issue.

    The file dialog in OOTP is different from the windows one because of cross-platform reasons. The game runs on Mac too, so it needs to be able to share the code. I don’t see the confusion though… you click the ‘up’ button and you get one folder layer up, i.e. from c:\games to c:\…

    I’m about to test the import issue now. :)

  5. Chris,

    I just copied a OOTP 2006 league to a CD (I have no partitions), and it imported fine.

    In the select file dialog, you need to hit the “up” button until the drive list appears, then select the E: drive, and then go from there… works like a charm here.

  6. My setup has drive C: as my Windows partition and D: is where I put everything else. Yes, the game does install its data files to My Documents by default, but you can easily move My Documents to a drive other than C: (mine is on D:). Once the game is installed and running, you can move the data files wherever you like. I wish you could do that on install, but you can’t (praise Microsoft).

    The program files install wherever I tell them to, and for this beta I have always installed to D:\beta2007. Works like a charm.

    One thing I noticed in the latest build was that when I imported my online league, it defaulted to D:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\OOTP Baseball 2006\data\saved_games, which is where my 2006 league is located. I don’t know if you’re trying to import a 2006 league or a 6.5 league, though.

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