Just To Be Clear

If you’re a developer reading this blog, I (1) do not accept free/press copies of games as I am in no way, shape, or form a member of any press and I can afford to purchase the games I want to purchase; (2) do not review games; (3) do feel free to mention good and bad aspects of the games that I do purchase; (4) will mention developers by name for praise and for criticism; and (5) do not discuss anything with PR people from any game company…

…unless you’re the artist formally known as “mad as hell” Marc Duffy, because, well, I like most things from Sports Interactive. Even their PR folks.


3 thoughts on “Just To Be Clear”

  1. I think it’s important for there to be an official policy as far as Chris Johnson is concerned on the site – and the above is it. Now I can simply send a link when certain <ahem> companies come knocking. saves me the explanation time :)

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