Cheers to Button

Jenson Button finally took home the top spot on a podium at the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix. I have always liked Jenson, so I am happy that he pulled off a victory for Honda, even if it came under wet conditions.

Poor luck for Alonso, and M. Schumacher. Speaking of Schumacher, WTF was he thinking at the end, going toe-to-toe with Pedro de la Rosa? Is Michael so thickheaded that he did not realize that any finish in the points was going to be a big payday for him on Alonso? He could have easily came in 3-6, depending on what the rest of the filed was lapping, but he did not want to play it safe. While I do not know the direct cause of his retirement, I have to believe that it was a result of his aggressive driving.

At any rate, I love F1 in the rain because wet conditions almost always guarantee a jumbled field at the top, which was the case today.

This race also looks like the end for Villeneuve; his sub, Kubica, who finished a respectable seventh in his debut race. I wonder if Villeneuve would consider a tour in NASCAR, much like JPM? I have always like Villeneuve, even if he has been a “has-been” for the last 6+ years.

Congratulations Button!


3 thoughts on “Cheers to Button”

  1. Michael’s retirement was caused by contact with Heidfeld the lap after PdlR finally got by, which is surely worse – you’d think he’d have learnt his lesson after the McLaren got by. 4th would have given 5 points, putting the gap to Alonso into single digits, so his decision making has to be questioned.

    Not sure Kubica did any better than JV would have, but he doesn’t need to – if he’s anywhere near JV’s performance, with age on his side the drive is his.

    Great drives from all of the top 3, and DC had a rolling wreck by the end so P5 wasn’t a bad effort at all. Be interesting to see how he deals with Webber as his teammate next year, provided the rumours are accurate.

  2. Good to see you still reading and posting. :)

    I did not realize that Michael had a go with Heidfeld. All the more reason to think he must have been smoking wacky weed or something, because any points would have been welcome on Alonso, and he could have finished in the top six with realitive ease.

    I think Villeneuve is gone; too bad because F1 needs characters.

    I think our coverage mentioned that DC got caught up in something, but I do not think I ever saw a replay of the incident. I have never really liked DC; I think we have discussed this before, but for some reason I actually like Webber.

    When are you going to update your blog?

  3. Villeneuve is out at BMW – confirmed this morning. Speaking of BMW, Kubica was DQ’ed for an underweight car, which gives Michael 8th and a single point.

    DC got caught up in a wide variety of things, apparently, though the broadcast missed all of it so you’d have been forgiven for thinking he’d stayed at home. The Heidfeld/Schumacher clash was never fully covered either, since the director seemed unhealthily obsessed with de la Rosa’s steering wheel.

    I’ll update my blog properly shortly, with luck. I did put something on it last night, but it was never intended for use there – it just seemed a good idea to do *something* as a reminder that I hadn’t forgot about the place.

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