The Hunter

Am I crazy?

Was watching Justice League (yes, the cartoon) via Tivo (yes, I tivo’d it) and another piece of the conspiracy puzzle rested in place. Guess who is in charge of the grand government run conspiracy against the Justice league? A white male? No. An Hispanic women? Nope. Who can we find that has cornered the market on evil this television season? Who can that be?

An African American female cartoon can, that’s who! Not even children and/or older folks who appreciate fine cartoon entertainment are safe.

Or maybe we’ve come a long way baby? Seems every other racial/gender mix has ascended to the throne of evil at some point in history. Finally black women get a turn in the sun? Is this the dream Martin Luther King, Jr. hoped for?

In other news, my Tauren hunter is level 31. The game likes telling me how long I’ve played World of Warcraft. So far, that would be 4 days and 9 hours – with just my Tauren character. That’s right, 105+ hours of my life gone. I also have a level 21 Dwarf hunter.

Does Blizzard know how to make a game or what?

I need 100 gold pieces to purchase a mount for Fwa (my Tauren hunter) and I only have 22 on me. So I need to make quite a bit of coin over the next eight levels. Because nothing looks badder than a Tauren on a big old Kodo beast.

Got to get me one of those.


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