NCAA Football 2007 Musings

I am still not sure what to make of this new momentum model. I know in real life, momentum plays a big part, which is one of the great aspects of college football. So far it seems to be over done in this game, and it looks like there is not a way to turn it off. I could live with this if it helped one team make two or three great defensive stands in a row, but my experiences have been turnover related, which is not so good.

What is up with this year’s manual? The PS2 manual is pretty pathetic. Compared to last year, the manual is missing a color cover, it is twice as small (15 pages last year, 7 pages this year), and the thing is unbelievably flimsy. Not that a manual matters all that much; like others I rarely read it anyway. I wonder how much money was actually saved by going with this cheap version?

I actually saw the CPUs WRs block 20+ yards downfield on a long breakaway pass. Not sure that I have seen that in the past. Normally blocking is fairly limited to the line of scrimmage, but much to my surprise, the WRs were actually engaged in blocking. Nice.

What is with all the celebration penalties? This is way over done. In real life I know I always cuss and fuss when my teams get called for celebration penalties, especially when they seem unwarranted, so I can understand where the developers were going with the penalties. With that said, this is still way over done, and speaking of penalties, once again the developers have implemented a system where hardly anything gets called out of the box. I guess it is slider time.


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