While I was basking in the joy of returning to the internet yesterday, I forgot to mention what a great job Jonathan did with the site upgrade. Place looks pretty darn good.

Most of the baseball sim world that matters the Out of the Park Baseball crowd is heavily invested in the to buy version 6.5 or not to buy debate raging in various forums. Markus is charging $9.95 for the first OOTP expansion pack and this just didnt sit right (as we say in Texas) with some of the rabid fans. I reserved judgment until I saw the final feature list. I must say that at $9.95 it is a pretty good deal, if everything works as advertised.

No word on the support that will come with the inevitable 6.5 bugs, but Markus and Sports Interactive clearly announced version 7 way too soon. OOTP 6.5 has as many new features as some of the previous full versions on release. Not a whole lot new for online leagues, although trading picks is a nice feature. Im just not sure how this will work with a June draft. The general game gets a number of stat tweaks and AI adjustments.

Many in the online community fear how OOTP 6.5 will affect BOSI and Catobase. Markus told one league commissioner that the CSV files havent been touched, but I think Ill wait a while and let other braver leagues take the plunge.


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