I think I have only seen two complete episodes of Battlestar Galactica; maybe 3-5 parts of a few other episodes. Even so, it is obvious that BSG is about the best thing to happen to TV since the Braves won the World Series.

Seriously, I never get to see BSG on the SciFi network (Friday nights suck for TV watching), but tonight I did get to watch what I would have to consider great TV. Not just good TV, but *great* TV. BSG is that rare breed of show that completely sucks you in and has you begging for the next week’s episode. It is that good.

I did not watch the mini-series or the first few episodes of Season One because I did not really appreciate the concept of someone screwing around with a series that I grew up loving. Forget the fact that the original series is pretty cheesy by today’s standards; I am the type of fan that pre-ordered the Cyclon boxed set when the original series was announced. Sure, call me a purist, but I did not like the idea of an updated version of Battlestar. It would never work. How could it?

Slowly, but surely they hype stared. The good word spread. Trusted bloggers like Chris called BSG sliced bread. Now here I am pre-ordering BSG Season One (complete with the mini-series no less) because the few minutes I have enjoyed of the new BSG have been so unbelievably f’ing awesome. I cannot wait until September 20!


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