ToCA Race Driver 2 and IGN

I was debating ordering ToCA Race Driver 2 for the PS2 since I have always been a big fan of the series and Codemasters. So this afternoon I started clicking on various reviews and eventually arrived at the IGN ToCA Race Driver 2 review. After seeing several references to the Xbox, and a specific one to Xbox Live, I remember why I started reviewing games in the first place.

This will, undeniably, force Xbox Live players to use a much more finesse and less brute force as they plow throw the twisty turns of ToCA.

I can understand if a mega site does not want to completely review a cross-platform game. I can live with that. I can even live with a ton of copy/past for a review. Just give us readers a little heads-up and let us know the games are basically the same, so the original review is serving as the review for the ported releases.

If they pointed out the differences between the Xbox and PS2 then I missed it.

Don’t let the silly name convention fool you; it’s the true sequel to last year’s outing and with a few months between the Xbox release and the PS2 release there are a few small additions as well.

Other than mention of the new Catalunya track, I see little else to let us know the differences between the Xbox and PS2 version. For those of us with multiple platforms (as if I have an Xbox) it would be nice to know what sort of updates (if any) were provided for the PS2 version.

Mega sites may provide a ton of reviews, but they still suck.


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