It’s a good thing I’m not a pyromaniac, or I would lead one unfulfilling life. From my camping exploits, to overnight stays at the Resident Inn and Suites, to trying to build a fire in our new backyard “fire pit,” I just can’t seem to get anything to burn! After watching me work with this thing for a couple of hours, one might conclude that it should be called a “smoldering pit.” I even used lighter fluid! I guess I can kiss moonlighting as an arsonist goodbye…

Grizzly Adams I am not. I don’t like “the outdoors,” and my survival skills are seriously lacking. It’s a good thing I was born in the era of city utilities, or I don’t think my family would survive!

Does anyone have some tips for starting up a good old campfire? What type of kindling do you use? Short of rubbing two sticks together, I’m open to any suggestions…


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