Hardball Times reviews Andy Marte for Edgar Renteria trade.

I can never say enough good things about the Hardball Times. The website is fantastic, and their yearly annual is always a great read. I just found their trade review of Andy Marte and Edgar Renteria, which provides an interesting read.

The Braves are the unequivocal winners from this swap of talent despite what the doomsayers were claiming at the time of the original Marte/Renteria transaction.

John Schuerholz and the Braves have an uncanny knack for jettisoning seemingly high-ceiling young talent in trades yet always landing on the good side of the deal. Many thought this particular deal would prove Schuerholz’s comeuppance—they were wrong.

This is my biggest problem with OOTPB; I always over value prospects. Anyway, if you are a Braves, Red Sox, or Indians fan (or just a baseball fan looking for a good analysis of a past trade), check out the article.


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