Believe it or not, Falcons are still in the playoff race.

I was surprised to see that Atlanta is still “officially” listed as being a possible playoff team by I am not sure how these odds work out, but if the Falcons managed to win out,

REMAINING OPPONENTS (13-26): at N.Y. Jets (7-6), Buffalo (5-8), at Tampa Bay (1-12)

and Dallas stumbled three times in a row,

REMAINING OPPONENTS (26-13): at New Orleans (13-0), at Washington (4-9), Philadelphia (9-4)

Atlanta could sneak into the playoffs. If the Falcons can manage to get a little healthier I think they could run the table. If nothing else, I hope they are playing for back-to-back winning seasons.

Things get interesting if you consider Dallas; their schedule is actually difficult. New Orleans is playing for history, so I do not think they are about to lose. While Washington sucks, and I don’t think Dallas will lose, the Skins could be playing for pride. Plus it is a rivalry game. The Eagles game is where it gets interesting. What happens if the Eagles still have not locked up the NFC East, or if the Eagles still have a chance at a better playoff seed? I guess the Falcons are eliminated at this point if the Eagles consider their last game of the year against Dallas a “must win” affair.

The playoffs are really so far out there for Atlanta that I am not sure why I am writing, but these are the sort of things that cross my mind at 3:30 in the morning! The Packers have the inside track in the Wildcard race, I did not mention the Giants who are a game in front of Atlanta and hold a tie breaker over the Falcons, and finally Dallas also has a tie breaker over the Falcons.

The Giants are in prime position to make a run

REMAINING OPPONENTS (20-19): at Washington (4-9), Carolina (5-8), at Minnesota (11-2)

Too many “if’s” for the Falcons to have any sort of chance. There is always next year, right?


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