Roll Tide

I love it! Rodriguez tells Alabama “Ah … no thanks. And don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Beautiful!

The only thing that will satisfy Tide fans is for Bryant to return from on high and he would probably get fired after three years. Mike Shula may not have had much in the way of a vision, but there was no point in dismissing him if a backup was not fully in the AD Mal Moore’s pocket. I think this coaching search will be the fifth one since Stallings left the once proud school 10 years ago. Mike DuBose, Mike Price, and Mike Shula were all dismissed. Then there was Dennis Franchione who decided to jilt ‘Bama for Texas A&M; could not have happened to a better school.

No, I do not care much for Alabama, and the funny thing is that all the Tide faithful cannot imagine why no one wants the job. But really, why would anyone want a job where you are constantly compared to the standards of a man long dead? A man who the alumni would rip to shreds if he dared make the same mistake as Shula, which was a 6-6 record following up a brilliant 10-2 record the previous season. Bear once had back-to-back 6-win seasons, but that bit of Tide history has long since been forgotten.

Will be fun to watch how much more this can unravel.


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