Virtual Sex

Well, not really, but it makes for a nice headline. As I just told my wife, I guess this is what virtual sex feels like. She was starting to get pissed until I told her that just confirmed my PSP preorder. Pretty sad state of affairs when makes me happy by saying that I can spend $500 or so on a PSP bundle, but I digress.

This just in from via email:

Thank you for pre-ordering your PSP Bundle from The bundle you have purchased includes:

Sony PSP Value Pack, which includes the PSP hardware, 32 MB Memory Stick Duo, headphones with remote control, battery pack and AC adaptor, soft case and cleaning cloth, movie/music/game UMD sampler disc and, for the first one million PSP Value Packs produced by Sony, a UMD video release of the feature film Spider-Man 2
Your choice of any four games and accessories listed below
Carefully follow these steps to tell us which games and/or accessories you would like.

Select any four items from the list below. You must choose at least four, but if you select more we will add them to your bundle. If an item is not listed below, it is not expected to be available at launch and therefore is not available for this offer.

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (Rated T) $39.99
Twisted Metal: Head On (Rated T) $39.99
Wipeout Pure (Rated E) $39.99
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (Rated T) $49.99
Gretzky NHL (Rated E) $39.99
FIFA Soccer (Rated E) $49.99
World Tour Soccer (Rated E) $39.99
NBA (Rated E) $39.99
Ridge Racer (Rated E) $39.99
Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Rated E) $49.99
Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix (Rating Pending) $49.99
Lumines (Rating Pending) $39.99
NFL Street 2 Unleashed (Rated E) $49.99
Spider-Man 2 (Rated T) $49.99
Dynasty Warriors (Rated T) $49.99
Ape Escape: On the Loose (Rated E) $39.99
Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory (Rated M) $49.99
Metal Gear Acid (Rating Pending) $49.99
Need for Speed Underground Rivals (Rated E) $49.99
PSP Mobile Kit $39.99
Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 128MB $39.99
Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Due 256MB $54.99
PSP Charger Case $59.99
Pro Gamers Case $29.99
Sound Stage for PSP $49.99
The software and accessory products listed above are scheduled to be available at launch, but release dates are subject to change.

EBgames is giving customers 72 hours to respond or they will cancel the order. Good thing I am not traveling this week!

No real surprises other than the memory stick; thank goodness I do not have to buy one right away. Also cool about the Spider-Man 2 UMD movie, but I would rather have the unit sale for less and not include the disk. Hopefully the sampler is worthwhile. I was also surprised that there are actually 19 launch games, which a lot more on the way in April.

I decided to go with 5 titles: Twisted Metal: Head On, Wipeout Pure, FIFA Soccer,
Ridge Racer, and Lumines.

I wanted to go with World Tour Soccer, but I figured FIFA was a safer bet; who knows how WTS will play on the PSP, but I can imagine what to expect with FIFA. Lumines was also a dark horse; I think Archer Maclean’s Mercury looks like a better puzzler, but it is not available on the preorder list. Surprisingly, no baseball games. I started to do Tiger Woods or Tony Hawk, but I figured I would not get my money’s worth out of either game. As it stands, it is going to be hard to get plenty of time in with Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racer. I figure Twisted Metal may suck – I love the series, but I cannot imagine that this one will be better than TM1, TM2, or TM:Black; maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully these new PSP games will hold their value on eBay for a little while … just in case they suck.

Now if I can also get my local EBgames to commit to my preorder from back in January; I may be able to do some damage on eBay.


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