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As I said yesterday, petrol is in the air. Despite the dominance of Ferrari in recent years, I still love F1. I do not look at the one man show as a bad thing; I look at it as mastery that may be a once in a life time experience. The 2005 season is almost a go!

This week was fairly lacking on the video game front; some management of my OOTP6 online baseball league team, some GT4, and Wipeout XL, but that was it for the week. I need to put in some time with WE8 tonight for the online league over at SGN, but other stuff is going to get in the way (that F1 thing in Australia).

Speaking of which, I picked up some Fosters this evening in honor of kicking off the 2005 F1 season Down Under. Fosters is not part of my normal rotation; I may buy it once a year (for the Australian Grand Prix), and when I go to Outback, but that is about it. I suppose it is not that bad, but it is not that great.

I also picked up some Sam Adams Light, which I was very impressed with for a light beer. Much better than Keystone Light (a poor man’s Coors); needed some cheap beer. Anyway, back to the Sam Adams Light – this is about the best light beer I have ever tasted. I normally drink what I like, but I have been trying to eat better lately, so I have been doing light beer do try to cut back on the calories. I guess that explains the Keystone Light. Feel free to offer up some light beer suggestions.

I guess that is all for now; seven minutes until taped qualifying (session 2 – the new rules are interesting). A happy Sunday to all!


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  1. Amstel Light. I never liked Sam Adams so I never tried their light beer. I can’t tell you how it compares, but I used to like the Amstel light.


  2. Good point Ted, Amstel Light is pretty good. Been a while since I tried one; will have to change that for next weekend. Thanks!

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