Brief UGA Notes

The reality of the situation is that Dawg fans should thank their lucky stars that we were not playing a real opponent, or it could have been very scary. At this point I still think that Georgia has enough on offense and defensive to win a close one against the ‘cocks, but the 296 total yards gained today against Western Kentucky has to look mighty scary to Bulldog Nation.

Tereshinski was garbage. Nothing personal, he just did not look sharp. Cox did not look like he knew what was going – ‘just for giggles, I think I will throw it up for grabs.’ Good grief! Stafford? He looked fairly sharp, but the game was well in hand by the time he saw playing time. Controversy? Going to be an interesting week.

While I did not expect a lot from the Georgia QBs, I expected a lot more from the HBs. Ware had a nice day (67yds on 6 carries, including a 40+ yard TD run), but after that Lumpkin (5 rushes for 27yds, 1 TD) and Brown (10 rushes for 25yds, 1 TD) did not look like great backs. Maybe some of this can be attributed to suspensions, youth, and depth problems on the o-line. Next week will be telling.

More to come later. Go Dawgs!


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