Elder Gamers Unite

Life often has a way of dealing us the strangest of surprises. Regulars here know that I am not what anyone would call a fan of online gaming. In fact the only online game that I play is OOTP6 (and really this is passive online gaming), in the IOSBL.

In a strange turn of events Chris Johnson, the commissioner of said league, and owner of the The Elder Gamer blog, has decided hang out over here for awhile:

Jonathan and I spend a lot of time dealing with attacks and hacks of sorts. Since he actually knows what he is doing in this 24-esque conter-terrorism unit we run, I figure there are safety in numbers – so the elder gamer is moving [to CG’s Recycle Bin]. I like to write, but this SPAM has got to go … Elder gamers never die, they just find new sites to write for…

I am honored that Chris has decided to lend his talents to this humble site. Chris is a great writer, so anyone that is not familiar with his work is in for a real treat.

Welcome Chris!


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