Thanks for the warm welcome! I hope to continue to bring my, shall we say, unique viewpoint to the Recycle Bin for many years to come.

Those of you who read my former site know that I am a big 24 fan. The episodes continue to get better every week. But I would like to officially be on record as having identified the eeeevvvvvil ex-husband many weeks ago. I told you then that foreign accent equals evil character in 24-land.

I am going to write a couple of reviews for Gamernikki over the next few weeks. One of my old internet buddies is an editor for the site and it seems that PC game writers are hard to find these days. So I decided to help him out. Plus the site is very good and brings back fond memories of yesteryear when people wrote quality reviews for the price of a free game.

Not having to mess with SPAM filters and web site settings has freed up some time for gaming. Thanks Jonathan!


2 thoughts on “Howdy!”

  1. The pleasure is all mine Chris. Welcome!

    Ironicly enough, spam and hack attacks at the original CG was the main reason I closed down the site. I no longer had time to keep up with ever security patch out there. Nucleus is not perfect, but I can manage it much easier/faster than I ever could with nuke.

    I am not a PC gamer, but be sure to pimp your reviews for Gamerniki. I remember back in the day when web-surfing was new, all games sucked, and nothing ruled! "Back to the store" was the common post on usenet in those days. Good luck!

  2. Chris – "quality reviews for the price of a free game"…during what I suppose I should now call Calvert Games: The Early Years, I could fulfil half of the ‘quality reviews’ requirement every time I started typing…

    Shame-faced admission time, kids – I’ve never read any of your work before, Chris. Looking forward to putting that right, mate.

    JC – sharing the workload, eh? Smoothly does it, sir.


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