Another Qore update. December comments.

No jokes please about Christmas coming late. As I continue to slog my way through back episodes of Qore, I always come back to the same comment. Decent content, could be deeper, but should be Remote Play(able) on my PSP. If there was ever a game (or whatever you want to call Qore) that should support Remote Play, Qore is the one. I hope there is a change in direction sooner or later. Maybe with the advent of the PSPgo we will see better Remote Play support.

The funny thing about watching some of the Qore content after the fact is that I just learned about a game that seemed interesting. I figured that I would not pay full price, but if the game found its way to the Greatest Hits list or maybe the discount rack, it could be worth checking out. The game? Damnation.

Wow! What an absolute train wreck. The Qore content looked interesting, but the metacritic scores tell a completely different story.

On a positive note, Skate 2 looks really interesting, but this is another game that I may not purchase at full price. These days I am a selective bastard when it comes to dishing out full MSRP for a game. $60+ or more will cause you (or at least me) to think twice before making an impulse purchase. I am going to check out some of the reviews, and if Skate 2 has an open ended mode where you can just explore and skate around; it will probably merit a closer look. I suppose I can always fall back to Tony Hawk on the PSX, but these days I am such a candy-ass graphics whore that it hurts my tired old eyes to look at old PSX games on my HDTV.

Final thoughts. The PlayStation Network Flock! demo, which is listed as “exclusive” to Qore, looks like good clean fun, but this one is on the backburners of my current gaming rotation. The game is all over the map with metacritic scores, only averaging a mediocre 71%. Then again Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli is also rated at 71%, but I absolutely love that game, so f#^k the critics. LOL

An “exclusive” demo is not that much incentive to purchase Qore, so I hope the bonus materials pick up steam. If I had my preference it would be for a code to pick a game of your choice at a set price (i.e. $7.99 or less), or maybe put a time limit on the full version of the game. Even a couple of days would be better than what is currently being offered.


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