Atlanta’s season of misery almost over.

Is it so wrong to hope that the Falcons go out with a whimper today against Seattle?  The reality is that the Falcons are in position to get the fourth overall pick in next year’s draft.  Right now they sit behind Miami, St. Louis, and the Jets, but win today and they may move in front of Oakland, Kansas City, and Baltimore.

Paint me not a fan, but as Dunn said, this is a lost season.  Before the season started, I said I struggled to find more than five wins.  Now that the season is almost in the books, I hope that I was over optimistic by a couple of wins.

Go Seahawks?  Not really, but the Falcons need all the help they can get to recover from this season of misery, and getting a top four pick would certainly help.

If the Rams can manage to beat the Cardinals (not likely), the Jets can beat the Chiefs (a toss up), and Atlanta tanks against Seattle, the Falcons will be in position to grab the second overall pick.

Happy days are just around the corner.


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