Calvert Games Re-Launch (Kicking and Dragging My Feet)

I am probably the last person this side of the Mississippi to actually use Facebook, Twitter and the whole sundry of social media tools, apps and gadgets. I could just care less; I’ll call friends and family if they need to know what I am up to at any given time.

Over the last few years I have experimented some with Twitter on my Vita, I posted random tidbits of info via google+, and as far back as 2010 I setup a CalvertGames Facebook (FB) account with the intentions of doing something exciting, dare I say glorious. Ultimately I disabled the page due to lack of interest at the time and privacy concerns.

Setting up the FB account was kind of a WTF moment – as in WTF is wrong with me for even considering social media? Whenever I would turn on my FB profile, I would get ‘friend’ requests … so I ultimately ignored the socialization of society (my derogatory term for my disdain of social media’s prevalence in our culture), and went my own way.

Times have changed. My sons are almost 17, days away from 13, and 8. My eight year old uses Instagram, among other apps. I can’t keep up, and honestly don’t intent too, but I also can’t do the head in the sand thing either.

While I’m still not a fan of media socialization, and I’m even less of a fan of FB, I am now reluctantly providing my own mea culpa moment. My FB account is active, my Twitter feed has a few tweets other than earning some PlayStation Trophy this or that and I am even enjoying pinning via Pinterest. One of these days, I may actually get around to turning on my calvertgames FB page (it is currently under construction), but that can wait for another time and place …

The irony is that my two older boys are not fans of FB; I guess it is not cool to use the same apps as your parents or in some cases grandparents! They go for super quick hit media apps like Instragram.

Most of these activities brought about the facelift to The Recycle Bin. After 19 months without a post, I recently spent some time overhauling the site, cleaning up the pages to have a more polished look, all the while making sure the site is responsive (apps galore render the site nicely thank you very much).

I plan to continue to evolve the site, adding new features here and there, and of course continuing to write about my passions – videogames, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Bulldogs, and not necessarily in that order. As I have grown older, my gaming time has diminished; work and family life (two boys playing travel soccer) take top billing. My passions also wax and wane; Beeman urban squirrel posts may be a thing of the past, while Japanese Moe themed PVC figures may make an appearance. To that end, I collapsed every article prior to May 31, 2015 (all 2,480 of them) into a single archive, and made new categories for June 1, 2015 and onwards – videogames, sports and stuffs (for all the random crap that doesn’t fit anywhere else).

The point being I no longer have time to nitpick a game, write 2000+ word reviews, and concentrate on all that is good, wonderful and downright dreadful in the world of simulation based racing and sports games. Besides, the heyday for that sort of thing has passed; everyone wants their reviews and takes 140 characters at a time.

To that end, for the time being, I am growing old gaming …


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