Windows 10 Gaming Platform?

I rarely write about anything Windows related, and only occasionally touch on PC gaming related topics, but why not mix it up for a change. With the launch of Windows 10 only a few weeks away (July 29), there are a couple of tidbits that could impact PC gamers.

Somehow I doubt that MS can turn their Xbox assets into a vehicle to push Windows 10, but it sure likes like they are trying their level best …

Although there has been some speculation that Microsoft would sell its Xbox division, it’s clear now that won’t happen. Microsoft has said that Xbox will play a critical role in Windows 10, giving users an array of features, including the ability to get onto Xbox Live, to record game play and to stream games from Xbox One to a Windows 10 device anywhere in the home.

It is also odd to me that MS is looking to kill off DVDs:

In an odd twist, Microsoft has said that DVD support will be somewhat limited. While the operating system will readily handle DVDs as storage devices, those who want to use DVDs to play back videos will need “separate playback software.” A key reason is that Windows 10 lacks Windows Media Center or another platform that would allow for playback. So, if users are looking to watch DVD movies on their Windows 10 boxes, they’ll need to get other software before doing so. An end of an era, perhaps

Oh, MS finally killed off IE, which no one finds odd. Joy …


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