Falcons Embarrassed 24-2

The Giants totally, absolutely, and completely demoralized the Falcons on their way to a 24-2 rout. I have written about it multiple times this year – how can the Falcons not manage a f’ing yard on 3rd and 4th and short?

I don’t think this failure debate should center on Matt Ryan being a 0-3 failure in the playoffs. Of course that will be the hot topic, but really how can the focus not be on getting a new OC?

I can understand real life – Mike Mularkey probably has a family, bills to pay, and feelings. But Good Lord, there has to be some change. Let’s start there.

There are too many grievances to point out, but how about the simple fact that the Falcons were scared at the end of the first half, apparently happy to go in with a 7-2 deficit instead of attempting to get some more points on the board. In a low scoring game, how do you leave 20+ seconds on the table when you have a full slate of timeouts?

Next up – get an o-line that can actually manage a yard. Of course the Falcons went all in on Julio, so no first round pick to bail us out come April. Awful. Not a surprise since it has been the theme all year, but that still does not make it any easier to swallow.

As I write this Tebow just threw a nice 30 yard TD strike; WTF were our 30 yard passes? The “big” story this off season was big play ability, which was the reason for going after Julio. When Ryan did have time, I guess everyone was covered – credit the Giants. Still, why not try something; Harry D in the slot maybe?

I take little solace in being wrong on Matt Bosher. The Falcons won the putting game thanks to the ever improving Bosher who managed 322 total yards on 7 punts, good for a net avg. of 42 yards per punt. Nice; Falcons don’t totally suck.

What a bitter and disappointing way to end the season.


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