PS3 goes in for repairs.

I decided to break down and use one of the two coffins I received last week. The coffins come courtesy of UPS 2nd Day shipping, although I think mine took three days), and the return label is for UPS 3 Day shipping. My better half is going to take mine to a local UPS store later today.

Before packing up the system I had to replace my 250 GB HDD upgrade with the original 60 GB HDD, not because an upgrade would violate my warranty, but because I may not get mine back if Sony sends me a replacement or refurbished system. I did the needful and deactivated this system and formatted the HDD.

I am very curious to see if I get my original system back with a new Blu-ray drive (or controller … or whatever is out of whack) or if I get a different serial number. I am not even sure what steps I will take if I do not get another 60 GB model (CECHA01) because this is the best PS3 system on the market.

So begins life without a PS3 system. I went so long without even bothering to power the damn thing up that it feels sort of strange knowing that I will miss the little bastard. We have more or less reconnected over the last month, so it will be an interesting rid going without the PS3. I see lots of PSP and Wii articles in my immediate future.


2 thoughts on “PS3 goes in for repairs.”

  1. That’s good that they will service it under warranty.

    My 60 GB is noisy when upscaling DVDs. And some Netflix DVDs skip or won’t play certain sections.

    The later models are apparently better with DVD playback.

    I do have a couple of PS2 games around but I’ve only tried the PS2 games a few times at most.

    There is suppose to be a PS3 Slim which is expected around the Fall.

    It could be tempting, as long as it plays all the PS3 games and runs quieter on DVD playback.

    But I wouldn’t mind if they came out with newer consoles sooner than later.

    PS3 is going to be no cheaper than $300 in the next year or so.

    Might as well apply that sum towards a newer design. Speculation is starting to ramp up. By the end of next year, there should be more concrete ideas about what’s coming.

  2. I hate blowing $150 on PS3 repairs, especially if a new system is out fairly soon. With that said, I need something now, and it needs to be in line with the model I have – hardware emulation, slots for memory sticks, memory duo, 4 USB slots, etc.

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