Georgia Has Miserable Outback Bowl

I was too distraught (pissed off would be a better description) after yesterday’s 33-30 3OT debacle to Michigan St. to bother throwing up (literally) and article on the disappointing day.

The game was indicative of everything that has been wrong with Georgia over the last 2-3 years. No, I’m not forgetting the nice little 10 win run, but the book-ends of two losses at the start and end of the season are really hard to swallow. Especially when you consider that things could have been different if the Bulldogs had one ounce of creativity.

And again, playcaller Mike Bobo seemed incapable of adjusting to the realities of what was happening on the field and stubbornly stuck with what wasn’t working.

With the middle of the Spartan’s defensive line as solid as a brick wall, Bobo continually called for runs up the middle — often with delays that turned into tackles for loss since State was getting into the Georgia backfield so quickly. Early on, Georgia was able to have some running success on the outside, but once MSU adjusted to stop that, the Dogs basically were no threat on the ground.

I kept yelling at the TV – run a f’ing pitch, toss, or sweep play. Go side-to-side for gosh sakes, and stop going up the middle because we were getting manhandled. In general the play calling was terrible.

Georgia coach Mark Richt has often been criticized for being too conservative, and it almost cost him, as he ran just two plays after Bacarri Rambo’s interception before sending Walsh out for the 42-yard field goal attempt on Georgia’s first overtime possession. Walsh missed, and Michigan State eventually won in triple overtime … after a Walsh kick that was blocked.

For Georgia, this loss will sting for a while. The conservative play calling late and the missed field goal likely will be brought up a lot with this team.

I hope the Dawgs find a running game this offseason, and get creative on offense. One can always hope …

Go Dawgs!


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