U.S. Takes On Panama (Again)

This time the stakes are much higher, as the winner of tonight’s matchup will face the Mexico/Honduras winner in Saturday night’s Gold Cup final.

Can the U.S. recover from their earlier disappointment at the hands of Panama? While the U.S. are favored to advance, I am not sure if this is because we are on home soil or if it is because we should actually win. Maybe both.

I think the U.S. can and should win, but of course they have to look closer to the Jamaica game instead of the previous defeat to Panama. As always, the keys have to be solid defense, and the ability to actually finish. Hopefully Donovan will be in full form and decide to attack!

It stinks that I would even have to write this, but I hope that the Houston crowd actually favors the U.S. and does not give us the appearance of a neutral crowd.  These days you just never know.  Because of the nature of America, I wonder if we will ever see a day when we will not have to worry about split nationalities (loyalties of immigrants and second generation Americans seem to always reside with their home country).

A win would be a nice little birthday present for my middle son, who turns 9 today. Wishing him a happy birthday, and for the U.S. to bring home a victory

U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!


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