Don’t Get It

I guess I’m in the minority, but I simply do not understand all of the hoopla over Oblivion. I don’t know how good or bad the game will be, but that’s not the point. I can’t understand how people can go from an online RPG back to a computer AI-only game. I don’t care how good the programming is, nothing can replace the interaction that occurs between human beings in these online environments. I’m a big fan of the RPG genre, but my days playing against only the computer started to end when I subscribed to City of Heroes and officially ended with World of Warcraft.

There’s no going back.

I feel the same way about baseball games. I can’t play Out of the Park Baseball against the computer anymore. No fun in it for me. Dealing with other human beings makes OOTP come alive in ways that computer programming simply can’t model.

And who in their right mind is playing Oblivion on a Xbox 360? Just go and visit all of the Morrowind mod sites to see how silly a notion that is.


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