LeBron Tells Fan to F’Off

Not in so many words, but I say good for LeBron. These days it is rare for me to write about the Association, but I had to get in a couple of comments on this one.

While King James has taken a lot of heat over the last few months (see what I just did there – I am such a rocket), some of it justly deserved, I hope LeBron does not receive any sort of backlash for telling a fan to back-off.

I hate the modern day concept of fans getting to do whatever the hell they want just because they paid for a ticket. There is a time and place where fans cross the line, and of course like trying to police pornography or moral values, it’s dangerous when someone else judges the boundaries of said line.

Well, something like that, if you follow my logic. Sure, call LeBron a wanker, but don’t bring his family into it. Seems like a reasonable request to me.


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