Black Thursday a black eye for

As someone who works on financial websites that are expected to be up 24-7, I can appreciate the problems that experienced yesterday.

For much of Friday morning, attempts to open resulted blank pages, delays or other problems. By early afternoon, visitors were simply told to come back later. spokeswoman Amy Colella blamed a “higher than anticipated traffic surge.”

Not so good. I for one do the majority of my shopping online, and not just during the so-called holiday season.

From the same article, it looks like the Xbox 360 is holding strong; MS should pimp the heck out of Amazon selling out of 360s.

The site [] was disrupted for about 15 minutes, starting at about 2 p.m. EST Thursday, as the retailer was offering the Xbox 360 to the first 1,000 customers for $100, $200 below the regular retail price.

“We saw dramatically more traffic than what we anticipated,” spokesman Craig Berman said Friday.

The Xbox sold out in 29 seconds, Berman said.

That is pretty impressive.

Finally we have this gem (once again from the above article)

Millions of people are also expected to shop online starting this weekend. The Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as “Cyber Monday,” is expected to be one of the year’s biggest online holiday shopping days, as people return to work and shop online using their office computers.

Cyber Monday? Seems like we have to have a catch phrase that pays for everything these days.


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