A pleasant surprise (PSM’s F1CE review)

Every once in a while, out of the blue, an unexpected pleasant surprise comes along that is reason to smile. I have been catching up on a black log of reading material, and last night I found PSM’s F1CE review:

“The core racing is F1 at its finest, but Sony has built in enough tweakability that, with a little practice, anyone can pick it up and play…”

“Here’s the deal – Formula One will challenge you. It will punish you for the most innocent of mistakes and spit you into last place to try again, but it’s utterly addicting…” [PSM May 2007, p.72]

The reviewer gave the game an 8.0 rating. It is refreshing to see a mainstream publication get “it” when it comes to reviewing this type of game. Kudos to PSM.

Before I head off to work, two house keeping items are in order. First, sue me. PSM is a guilt pleasure as is EGM. Actually I think my PSM subscription has expired, but I enjoy flipping through the pages while sitting on the throne. I am not sure why I am defending myself, but I only subscribe to these things when I can get a really low rate (say under $10). There; I feel better. Second, I really do not depend on these reviews to make my game purchase decisions. While I do find them interesting, sometimes even entertaining, I have typically already made a decision long before I read the review. F1CE is a perfect example.


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