Cuts like a knife

Today was surgery day.  The whole anesthesia thing bothers me.  One minute you are starting to feel very light headed and the next thing you know you are waking up in a recovery room.  Not that I would have wanted to be awake for the procedure, but still, that is a small part of my life that is simply gone.

The good news is that my surgeon told Tonya that things went better than expected, and nothing cancerous was found.  I still have to wait for the biopsy results, but it looks like I have the all clear.

I still feeling groggy and a little goofy (thanks to the wonderful narcotics to help kill the pain), but decided to take a couple of minutes to post.  Taking one for the team.

Baseball on HD (ESPN HD tonight) is glorious, but not so much for the Braves; they have now lost 10-15 and are trailing Boston 1-0 in the second.  I am not sure what the Mets record is over the same stretch, but they seem to be doing just as bad.

I got the PSP all charged up and ready to go, but I only played Pinball Hall of Fame for about 30 minutes before giving up on gaming today.  Tomorrow is a new day.


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